A dengue awareness camp was held at the Vellambi tribal settlement in Keeriparai hills along the Western Ghats by the Tribal Foundation on Tuesday.

Explaining the causes and consequences of dengue, environmental educator S. S. Davidson said that the Aedes mosquitoes was the carrier and in case people suffer from fever they should approach the nearest PHC or Government Hospital for a check-up. He said that high fever, eye pain, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, joint pain, vomiting, redness in chest and shoulder were some of the symptoms. Bleeding may be reported in some cases with dryness of mouth and lips.

Perennial stomach pain may persist in some cases, he said and cautioned that if not treated properly, it might prove fatal.

He explained preventive measures such as removing stagnant water and throwing away unused items such as bottles, tyres, coconut shells, plastic containers and bottles. He advised the people to use mosquito nets as a preventive measure.

The tribal children went from door to door distributing distributed pamphlets that contained dengue awareness messages.