Governor K. Rosaiah on Saturday released ‘Telugu Talli – her unknown side,’ a book that delves into the history, culture and traditions of Andhra Pradesh. The book is written by D.K. Hari and D.K. Hema Hari. Speaking on the occasion, the Governor urged the present generation to strive tokeep alive the cultural prosperity and pass it on to future generations. He lauded the authors for showcasing various reasons for the prosperity of the Telugu Bhoomi. “They throw new light on how each region has to understand itself, revive the sustainable practices of their ancestors and apply them appropriately in present day conditions to discover ways to sustained prosperity,” he said.

D.K. Hari, the co-author, said that so far, over 12 books have been brought out by Bharath Gyan. He said that the book looked into many aspects of Andhra Pradesh including how art and crafts flourished in the State and the reasons for the prosperity of the region.

Preetha Reddy, Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals, said the book was a real eye-opener for Telugu people who were born and brought up outside Andhra Pradesh. She said governments have to go back to reinforcing the culture of the States. Srinivasan K. Swamy, Chairman, RK Swamy BBDO, D. Shantharam, Vice-chancellor, Dr. MGR Medical University and D.K. Sriram, Trustee, Bharat Gyan and Medical Director, Hindu Mission Hospital also spoke on the occasion.

Book written by D.K. Hari and

Hema Hari released