Dialect study is important to understand the evolution of language to understand the evolution of society, according to Former Director of CAS in Linguistics, Annamalai University, S.V. Shanmugam.

Each region and every caste has a different dialect, which indicates how they had developed. By understanding the origin of certain words and understanding the differences and similarities between two dialects, it is possible to understand the growth of civilisation, he said.

He was speaking at the national seminar on Tamil dialects organised by Pondicherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture (PILC) along with the Central Institute of Classical Tamil. So far, there is no methodological study conducted in Tamil dialects that carefully analyse and record the differences in dialects between regions, religions and castes. Tamil writers Ponnilan and K. Rajanarayanan also spoke at the event. The seminar will last for three days, where different papers on the various dialects will be presented.

“Regions and castes have different dialects, which indicate how they had developed”