Pig menace

Pig menace around Corporation's open air auditorium in front of the Anna Nagar Uzhavar Sandhai is causing lot of hardship to residents in the locality. Quite a good number of stray pigs can be spotted all through the day. I request the authorities to put an end to pig menace to protect the people from diseases such as brain fever.

S.H.Syed Ameenuddin,


I applied for a fresh passport at Thanjavur Passport Seva Kendra on January 12 and completed all the formalities vide file number: TR 10 61 35 67 16 412. At the time of verifying the original documents the PSK officer refused to accept my ration card as residential proof. Due to lack of space in the original ration card the TSO had written the new address in a piece of paper, and attached to the original ration card. It was duly signed and sealed. The PSK officer asked me to get it written in the original ration card itself. When I approached the TSO, he refused, and said that there was not enough space in the original card, and this was the normal practice followed.

I ran from pillar to post to find a solution to my problem. As I could not find a way I wrote an application to the TSO and the copy to the PSK officer requesting them to verify the fact, and issue me the passport.

There was no reply from both of them for a long time. Then I wrote to the Thanjavur Collector on February 7 requesting him to direct the PSK office to issue the passport. I request the passport officer, Tiruchi, to look into this.

P. Murugesh,

Thanjavur - 7.

Noise pollution created by hospital

I have been a resident of Thilli Nagar for the last 60 years. Our house is in a quiet residential area on 7th cross. Couple of hotels and a BHEL hospital has recently come up in the area. The BHEL hospital has been operating a power generator almost through out the day to tide over power outages. The generator has been a huge disturbance for residents as it creates lot of noise. Most of the residents here are senior citizens who find it hard to cope up with the situation. Will the BHEL management look into this.


Thillai Nagar.

Students hit by load shedding

In Karumandapam, load shedding takes place for 8 hours daily from 9 am to noon, 3 pm to 6 pm, 6-45 pm to 7-30 pm, and from 9 pm to 10 pm.

This causes great hardship to everyone, particularly students who find it hard to prepare for the examinations. I request the TANGEDCO to avoid load shedding during nights in the interest of the student community.S.Vijayarengan,


Rising road rage incidents

The recent road rage incidences in Kattur and Beemanagar are just the tip of an ice berg. With huge increase in the number of vehicles, traffic chaos is on the rise. Frustrated drivers are found wanting in their social behaviour and persistent sounding of horns, aggressive and threatening driving behaviour, and rude gestures or verbal insults, often lead to road rage. Individuals must be deterred from taking into their own hands the enforcement of

road rules.K. Suresh Babu,

Raja Colony.


Even after the tragic accident in Tiruchi, caused by a private town bus a few days ago, drivers continue to drive recklessly, and park buses in the middle of the road, particularly at Melapudur bus stop during peak hours.

Police must keep a close vigil on these buses to avoid another sordid episode.D.Saminathan,


Ignorance of

railway staff

An e-ticket was booked in Vaigai express on February 17 for me and my wife (PNR 4438325008). While one ticket got confirmed the other was waitlisted. Since I was in doubt whether a waitlisted passenger could also board the train I contacted the Chennai customer care who advised me to to contact the TTE. As I did not get a proper reply I consulted the staff at the ticket counter at Tambaram. The lady staffer said that a waitlisted passenger cannot enter the train and I bought an open ticket. On entering the train, however, the TTE said that the open ticket was not necessary and allotted a seat to my wife on the basis of the e-ticket. Due to the ignorance and failure of the railway staff, to properly guide the public, I had to incur needless expenditure.




IRCTC website is being upgraded and now if one wants to book a ticket and send ticket by email, it is not possible. Earlier one could right click copy the ticket to word document and send by mail. Now this option is not available. Authorities should either provide the right click option to copy or have a MAIL TO option icon.


K.K. Nagar.


I was in Tiruchi on February 13. The toilets in the passenger waiting hall on platform No. 1 at the railway junction are not maintained properly. Of the three toilets, two are in unusable condition. While the water tap in one of the toilets was plugged, there was no mug provided in the other toilet for drawing water. The authorities should set right the toilets immediately.

S. Kuppuswamy,


Misplaced exemption from using helmet

In a report on the The Hindu it was stated that in a road accident two lives were saved as they were using helmet and one life was lost as the helmet was not used. The same report also said that women and children riding pillion are exempted from using helmet. This exemption comes as a surprise as pillion riders who sit on one side of the two wheeler are more susceptible to accidents than those who drive the vehicle. Mostly children are made to sit on petrol tank.R. Jayashree,

Dindigul Road.


The recent police action on drive against helmet deserves appreciation. Due to strict enforcement people everywhere have started using helmets . But most youngsters find alternate routes to avoid police eyes. By this they are not only endangering their lives but putting other pedestrians' lives in jeopardy. The police should also conduct checks in places other than main roads.

V. Sivasankar,

Thillai Nagar.

Rationalise bus fare, stages

The recent bus fare revision has not only increased the fares steeply but also rationalised the stages unilaterally without prior notice. It has unwittingly reduced the number of stops for the first stage. For instance, the first stage from Chatram to Thillainagar earlier was up to 11th cross street; now it is up to the first cross- a distance of less than two km from Chatram as rightly pointed out by the Consumer Protection Council ('The Hindu', 25 Jan). Moreover, the fare is Rs.4 if it is LSS travel for the first stage. Restoring the erstwhile first stage without reduction in the number of stops and ordinary non-LSS fares within city limits would help mitigate the situation caused by the steep bus fare

hike to some extent.A.V.Narayanan,

Thillai Nagar.

Malfunctioning ATM

The ATM attached to Indian Overseas Bank, K.Sathanoor Branch is not functioning for the past one month. The customers of the branch are mostly government servants, particularly pensioners, who find it difficult to do transaction across the counter. I request the authorities to redress the issue on a priority basis.

B. Balaji,

Kurunji Nagar.

Plant saplings in the city

Recent initiatives from the Corporation such as plastic ban, improvement of the general hygienic conditions within the city limit, setting up of waterless toilet cubicles, display of informative and useful display boards in prominent places, clearing of harmful weeds such as parthenium are highly appreciable. As summer is fast approaching and the diurnal temperature is on the increase, immediate attention has to be paid for taking up sapling plantation in the Corporation limit.V.Sundararaju,

Srinivasa Nagar South.

Moral lessons

The murder of a school teacher by a student is very shocking. Such acts could be brought to a halt by nurturing students with little moral instruction. All schools should have moral instruction classes . They should also arrange lectures by eminent religious scholars periodically.


Thillai Nagar.