The Coimbatore Corporation has kept guessing the hundreds of boys who play on Shastri Maidan in R.S. Puram. The Corporation Council was supposed to have decided on Thursday if it should let the boys use the ground exclusively for sports and not give it on rent for conducting exhibitions or fairs.

But it did not and decided to arrive at a decision at a later date. The subject that came up for discussion was that by letting the ground on rent for organisers of fairs/exhibitions, the place remained out of bounds for boys for weeks together. And that the boys had no alternative playing place.

While most Councillors and the Commissioner seemed to agree, the Council decided to take it up at a later date. Deputy Commissioner S. Sivarasu said that it was not just a question of the Corporation losing revenue but the damage the organisers caused to the ground by the time they left the place. The pitch the boys had prepared over time for playing cricket remained damaged.

The other issues that the Corporation took up at the urgent council meeting included extension of contract for 200 workers engaged in mosquito control operations, re-determining rent for shops, commercial complexes, etc., taking up construction of roads, letting out community halls for other purposes, etc.