Special Correspondent

VELLORE: Di-ethyl carbomazine tablets and Albendazol tablets will be administered orally to 32 lakh people in Vellore district on Sunday. It will be conducted under a filariasis control programme being implemented in association with the Health and Family Welfare Ministry in 14 districts in Tamil Nadu.

According to a release from C. Rajendran, Collector of Vellore, a committee headed by him is carrying out coordination works. Training in administration of the drugs has been provided to field workers of the PHCs, the Vellore Corporation and various municipalities in the district. A total of 92 lakh DEC tablets and 35 lakh Albendazol tablets have been received by the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine in Vellore district and distributed to all PHCs, the Vellore Corporation and all municipalities in the district. About 15,000 volunteers would be engaged in the mass administration of drugs on Sunday.

One DEC tablets should be administered to children in the 2-5 age group, two tablets to children in the 6-14 age group and three tablets to those in the 15-60 age group. The DEC tablets should not be administered to children below two years of age, persons above 60 years, and those suffering from chronic diseases. The Collector has appealed to the public to take the drugs and cooperate in making Vellore a filariasis-free district.