Four sections of the railway line in Coimbatore Railway Police limits stretching to 111 km have witnessed as many as 36 cases of deaths on railway tracks.

The problematic sections that witness frequent incidents of people being run over by trains are Coimbatore – Podanur, Coimbatore – Irugur, Irugur – Podanur and Coimbatore – Mettuppalayam.

In the period January 1, 2011 till date, there were 36 deaths on the tracks, of which 33 were men and three were women. Of them, 30 were identified and the rest still remain unidentified.

Railway police officials point out that “blind curves” on the four sections and location of slums alongside the railway tracks are said to be the major cause of accidents on the tracks. In certain cases, the police were not able to come to a conclusion about whether the deaths were accidents or suicide.

People from the slums crossed the railway line for attending to nature's call in open lands or for visiting a house in a slum on the other side of the track.

Officials said that walking on and along the tracks continued despite frequent enforcement drives.

Railway police have conducted a drive to educate the people on the risk involved in crossing the tracks.