The first ray of the Sun slanted through the campus on Tuesday ushered in the day of knowledge and wisdom breathing a devotional dimension into the lives of students. With the clock ticking away, a beaming smile flashed on their faces while the area started to bustle with activity.

Clad in decent attire and armed with the necessary items of worship, a battalion of students marched towards the Barn Hall, the sojourn of the goddess on the earth, who has brought with her a string of happiness. Welcome to the Saraswati Puja celebration at the National Institute of Technology-Tiruchi.

Sticking to the entrenched tradition, the organising committee had brought the idol from Kolkata, which was touched up by the deft fingers of artisans from Kumartuli, known for its embellished crafting in clay, in the first week of January. The goddess has been placed on a makeshift decoration inside the Barn Hall.

As the worship began amidst chanting of mantras, students started turning up in dribs and drabs. The hall resonated with the noise when the students kept surging after attending their classes and finally hundreds, including professors and staff from BHEL, gathered to offer puspanjali to Saraswati.

When the time came for prasadam, the serpentine queues summed up the festive mood. The menu consisted of five dishes which were kept in cauldrons after a 12-hour marathon preparation. The prasadam served to nearly 2,000 students stood testimony to the sincere efforts and cordiality in making it a gala event.

“I ensure that I never miss this puja. Apart from promoting our culture, this occasion showcases students' managerial acumen. It also brings to the fore the culinary skill of students who prepare prasadam,” said A K Bakthavatsalam, Dean, Faculty Welfare.

Around 300 students participated in the evening prayers (Arati). On Wednesday, the idol was taken out in a procession with all sacred rituals and immersed in the Cauvery.

Similarly, Saraswati Puja was celebrated by the members of the Odia Samaja, Tiruchi BHEL. Prasadams were distributed to the people gathered for Puspanjali. P.C. Panda, president and Aswini Panda, secretary were present. Diffusion of knowledge: Saraswati Puja celebration in progress at National Institute of Technology-Tiruchi on Tuesday.

  • Saraswati Puja celebration at NIT-T
  • Prasadam served to nearly 2,000 students