The education officials in the district have planned to complete the process of entering the exhaustive data on schools students in the Education Management Information System (EMIS) within 10 days. The EMIS, introduced by the government a few months ago, envisages the creation of a comprehensive database on teachers, schools and students.

The system will enable the government to closely monitor the schools, keep track of the students and ensure that welfare measures, including scholarships and grants, reach the needy.

The Department of Education had already collected and entered the details of schools, teaching and non-teaching staff in the database.

“We now have collected all the details related to the students. We have over 3.75 lakh records about the students in the district, which will be entered into the system before January 28,” Chief Education Officer K. Sri Devi said.

The database would enable the officials to keep track of the progress of the students and minimise the number of dropouts.

“The system will help us in a number of ways. It improves the communication between schools. The teachers in the school will keep updating the database every year until a student joins an institution of higher education, the officials say.

The officials urged the heads of schools to ensure 100 per cent accuracy in the data-entry process and complete the work quickly.

  • The system will enable the government to closely monitor the schools

  • It improves the communication between schools