Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: Following complaints of swindling cases outside banks, Police Commissioner of Greater Chennai Letika Saran has issued an alert asking people to be more vigilant.

The public should beware of men on motorbikes who spin a yarn about non-existent petrol leaks and exploit the distraction to rob unwary customers.

The police have received several complaints of motorcycle borne men who wait outside banks for customers. When the customer emerges from the bank, the men follow him to some distance. One of the men would tell him that the petrol tank has developed a leak. When the customer gets off the vehicle to check, another makes off with the cash bag.

Such incidents have been reported in bus stands. "One month ago we found such a gang in Koyambedu," she said. At a press meet, she also said that action was being taken against autorickshaws for `overloading.' The city has only 200 licensed share autorickshaws. Action would be taken against drivers who ply without the required documents. The commissioner also distributed cash prizes to 15 policemen of the CCB for their investigation efforts.