To promote folk arts and culture, Salem Steel Plant organised cultural competitions for its peripheral schools recently.

S. Chandrasekaran , Executive Director, Salem Steel Plant, was the chief guest. He said that the culture was kept alive in villages. “To promote the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu, Salem Steel Plant will continue to play its part through Corporate Social Responsibility activities,” he said.

K Sethuramalingam, Headmaster, Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Ilampillai, and P Palanivel, Headmaster of Panchayat Union Middle School, Latchmayur, spoke. They also thanked the plant for the infrastructural facilities being provided to the schools such as buildings, furniture, computers and sanitation facilities from time-to-time.

Earlier, 19 schools participated in the cultural competitions from the peripheral villages of Salem Steel Plant such as MGR Nagar, Taramangalam, Latchmayur, Chinnapoosaliyur, Laguvampatti, Naickenpatti, Ilampillai, Sivadhapuram, Sarkar Kollapatti etc.