An innovative painting by Prakash (36), a differently-abled person, succinctly conveys the patriotic fervour and zeal for cricket that came to the fore with India's performance in the World Cup and also the preparations for the Assembly elections in Cuddalore.

The skilfully executed painting has successfully combined both these themes and has been displayed for public view

For the creation he has used thermocol, water colours and dyed threads. The National Flag running diagonally across the work is made of threads with the Ashoka Chakra made of thermocol.

A magnified cricket ball carrying the ICC World Cup logo has been carved out of thermocol and the stitches in the ball, of course, are made of threads. Mr Prakash said that the World Cup final had riveted the attention of the entire nation and the Assembly elections had also captures public imagination in the whole of Tamil Nadu. These were two major events that were occupying the minds of the people.

The people were both excited and concerned about the results. These were the occasions that made the democracy stronger and gave cricket the opportunity to flourish, he said with a dash of pride.

The painting has combined the themes of cricket and elections