For land to be acquired for airport expansion

The Communist Party of India (CPI) has announced that in the event of the administration not sorting out the simmering issues over compensation for the land to be acquired for airport expansion through talks with the affected residents, the party will resort to a road roko.

The district secretary of CPI, M. Arumugam, said that the government had issued an order for acquisition of 613 acres of land for expanding the airport into international standards. The Chinniampalayam residents had been waging a series of struggles for the last five months. The administration clarified that the proposed extent of acquisition had been reduced by seven acres and the extent of damage has been brought down to 200 to 250 houses instead of 416 houses.

There had not been any clear announcement on the method in which the compensation would be fixed for land, houses, farm lands and trees to be affected by the acquisition. The administration should hold talks with the to-be affected sections of the people living in these areas identified for acquisition.

In other States, the governments and officials had ensured that the land owners got little more than the highest market value. Tamil Nadu should follow that example. Under such circumstances, with no effort to alleviate the fears of the affected people, land survey work should not be undertaken.

In the event of the administration failing to come clear on the compensation in consultation with the people, the CPI would stage a road blockade near the airport by mobilising the affected people. The party has sought the support of the political parties and elected representatives for the struggle.