Communist Party of India (Marxist) Politburo member S. Ramachandran Pillai said that the economic policies being followed by the UPA Government would only invite disaster for common people as it had been based on the principle of ‘for the corporate, by the corporate and of the corporate’.

He added that the Union Finance Minister’s announcement in the Budget imposing 10 per cent surcharge on personal incomes over Rs.1 crore was only to hoodwink people.


“The Centre has always been pro-rich even when the Current Account Deficit (CAD) has been widening. Instead of taxing the rich, the government is trying to bring down the deficit through Foreign Direct Investment and commercial borrowings,” he said adding that the tax concessions given to the corporate houses and rich in the last decade stands at Rs. 20 lakh crore.

Mr. Pillai told this at a news conference, along with two other Politburo members M.A.Baby and K. Varadharajan and other CPI (M) leaders, on the arrival of his party’s ‘Sangarsh Sandesh Jatha’ in Tirupur on Thursday.

GDP figures

He criticised the Centre for getting too much obsessed with the GDP (gross domestic product) figures.

“What is more important from the angle of common man will be that how the available resources are mobilised for ensuring GDP growth and how the additional wealth produced will get distributed for the benefit of poor and socially backward people,” he said.


On the reasons for taking out the ‘Sangarsh Sandesh Jatha’, originating from four different locations in the country and to culminate in New Delhi on March 19, Mr. Pillai said the party wanted to spread the message of struggle for alternative policies and address the issues of millions of working class people in the country.

“This has become a necessity as both the Congress and the BJP always stood for the rich and also failed to tackle the menace of corruption,” Mr. Pillai added.

After interacting with people at Avinashi and Tirupur city, the ‘Jatha’ proceeded to Salem.

This leg of the ‘Jatha’, which started from Kanyakumari a few days ago, would be travelling through nine States before it reaches New Delhi.