Special Correspondent

"It will affect sanctity of the place, cause law and order problem"

CHIDAMBARAM: The Chidambaram Munsif Court Judge, N. Ambedkar, on Monday prohibited Arumugha Samy, a septuagenarian Saivite, from reciting Thevaram and Thiruvasagam at Thiruchitrambalam inside the Natarajar Temple here until the disposal of the case.

Earlier, the Judge had issued an interim injunction against Mr. Arumugha Samy's bid to recite the Tamil hymns at Thiruchitrambalam, located just in front of the sanctum sanctorum, from July 12 to 25.

On Monday, the judge made the "interim order" absolute.

Mr. Arumugha Samy of Kumudimoolai sought police protection to enter Thiruchitrambalam to recite the hymns; in response, the Podhu Dikshithars, who run the temple, moved the court and got the injunction.

Law and order

After hearing the arguments and the counter arguments from both sides, the court concluded that allowing Mr. Arumugha Samy to recite devotional hymns inside Thiruchitrambalam would affect the sanctity of the place, disturb law and order and result in a loss to the Dikshithars.

However, Mr. Arumugha Samy was free to enter Thiruchitrambalam to offer silent prayers, as was the custom with other devotees.

The restrictions imposed on him had kicked up a controversy, with human rights groups and political parties joining hands to oppose it.

The Dikshithars argued that acting on the representation made by Mr. Arumugha Samy, the Joint Commissioner of Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments had issued a directive stating that he could recite the hymns from the Mahamandapam "without causing annoyance and inconvenience to the devotees."

Barred entry

When he was already barred entry, Mr. Arumugha Samy was again raking up the issue at the instigation of the Human Rights Protection Centre, the Dikshithars contended.

The rights activists claimed that blocking entry was tantamount to denying social justice.

The rights activists are keen to go on appeal, and the Dikshithars, with the backing of the devotees, appear determined to take them on.