The Regional Association for Women's Studies (RAWS) has recommended the introduction of a compulsory foundation course on gender studies at the school and higher education levels.

The association, which was established earlier this month, has put forth over 15 resolutions, which it hopes to achieve in 2012.

Including gender equality, better representation, inclusion of research in policy formulation and the provision of women-friendly facilities at public spaces, the RAWS resolutions hope to address a wide spectrum of issues confronting women today.

The association wants to include women's studies in the State Eligibility Test, recruit candidates qualified in the field of women's studies or gender studies to departments that deal with women-centric issues, and recommend the generation of a database that has been disaggregated on the basis of gender, to be used in gender budgeting and auditing.

Members of RAWS will strive to ensure 33 per cent representation of women in the decision-making bodies of political parties.