: The Chennai Corporation has since the first week of January re-laid 80 bus route roads and 440 interior roads, which were damaged during the monsoon.

In response to the item ‘Challenges in maintaining re-laid roads' published in these columns on February 10, 2011, Corporation Commissioner D. Karthikeyan said the civic body had mobilised its engineering personnel, contractors, machinery and equipment on a war footing basis for re-laying the roads. It has set about the task of re-laying 198 bus route roads and 1,002 interior roads over a period of three months at a cost of Rs.112.70 crore.

“On an average, about 65,000 square metres of road area are being re-laid daily, which work out to 25 interior roads and 3 bus route roads in a day. The progress of the work is being monitored on a daily basis,” he said.

For the first time, third party quality monitors have been engaged to get independent feedback about the work, he added.