Special Correspondent

Early morning review of situation planned

COIMBATORE: With the city experiencing heavy spells of rain over the last few days, mostly in the evening, the Coimbatore Corporation has decided to keep a close watch on flood-prone areas. This is to facilitate prompt de-watering measures so that water-logging does not lead to traffic snarls or cause problems in residential colonies.

“We have planned an early morning review of the situation every day. This should help in avoiding problems to people when they step out for work,” Mayor R. Venkatachalam said on Monday.

“I have made it very clear to the officials that every effort must be taken to ensure water does not stagnate anywhere in the city and paralyse life,” he said.


Some of the places where a specific watch will be maintained are the subways below Avanashi Road flyover and the underpasses near Kikani School and at Lanka Corner. The Corporation has begun works to prevent water-logging at the Somasundara Mill Road underpass.

Another effort is that officials and staff members assigned for this task will visit the flood-prone areas during heavy rain, the Mayor said.

“Only then can they spot the exact problem and work out a solution.

If we go hours after the rain, water may have drained and the problem will escape our attention,” he explained. Some problems were man-made, he said. For instance, in an area where water stagnation was reported, the Mayor found discarded tender coconut shells blocking the flow in storm water drains.

“We had to call our workers and remove a number of shells. This practice of abusing the drains and using them as waste dumps causes a lot of problems during rain,” he lamented.

On de-watering measures, the Mayor had ordered that Corporation teams must rush to stagnation points with lorries equipped with pumps. The Mayor said the Corporation had adequate number of lorries that could be rushed quickly to flooded areas.