Staff Reporter

SALEM: Teams of health workers formed by the Salem Corporation have begun intensive mosquito control measures in the city on Saturday.

The civic administration has formed teams to control mosquito menace following the viral fever outbreak in several parts of the city recently.

Anti-larval work

According to a release from Corporation Commissioner A.M. Selvam, the teams would visit every house in the city to undertake anti-larval work. Aedes Egypti, a type of mosquito, was said to be responsible for spreading viral fever, the release said.

Health workers would empty the water stagnated in unused tyres and tubes, damaged pots, plastic covers, flower vase and coconut shells as they served as breeding ground for the mosquito, the release said.

Appeal to residents

The Commissioner appealed to the residents to cooperate with the health workers in controlling the mosquito menace.

The release further said fogging exercise would be undertaken in all areas. Besides, the health workers would educate the residents about viral fever and measures to be taken up if people felt feverish.

Water tanks cleaned

The Corporation had cleaned all the overhead water tanks and was chlorinating the water adequately, the release added.

Corporation officials said more than 500 people in the wards 50, 52, 54, 55, 57 and 10 were affected by viral fever and treated. An outbreak of viral fever was first reported in the city on May 20 in the Dadhagapatti area.