Two bridges, which are narrow, century old, outdated and declared weak surrounding suchindrum in Kanyakumari district, must be demolished urgently and new ones should be constructed keeping pace with the growing traffic congestion.

The district administration is expected to take up this work on a war-footing.

K. Chelliah,


Frequent power cuts

People are facing hardship and misery, owing to frequent power cuts. A meticulous planning is needed to rectify this state of affairs.

The successive Governments since 1967 vied with one another and resorted to freebies like dhotis, saris and cycles and even free supply of colour television sets rather than generating power.

The great nationalist and visionary K. Kamaraj, pioneer in providing free education to the rural poor, cautioned, some thirty five years ago, the Government in his own colloquial language that the extension of power supply without proper and proportional generation of power would prove disastrous.

His advice was not heeded and his words came true.

N. Kasilingam,


Pensioners’ hardship

Pensioners are in a pathetic situation because of the lip service offered not only by the Government but also by all responsible authorities concerned.

They are extended a a step motherly treatment. Senior citizens are neglected for several years even though once in every five years wage revision is effected taking into account the welfare of serving employees only.

We celebrate October 1 as World Senior Citizens Day. On this day, officials and people must take a pledge to respect pensioners and help them lead a peaceful life.

S. Shanmugasundaram,