President of the Puducherry Pradesh Congress Committee A.V. Subramanian said that the Congress has approached the Human Rights Commission in the matter relating to the use of force against retrenched workers in front of Chief Minister N. Rangasamy’s house recently.

He told reporters here on Tuesday that since Puducherry was a small territory, meeting the Chief Minister with demands had never been difficult for aggrieved persons.

There couldn’t have any motive behind retrenched workers meeting the Chief Minister to ask him about the promise made by him about reinstatement.

They had every right to meet the Chief Minister to air their grievances. However, they were brutally attacked by the police and chased away for about a km.

Mr. Subramanian said that it was a clear case of human rights violation.

The Congress had collected all material evidence and would send them to the Human Rights Commission.

When asked about an accusation that the Congress had actually instigated the protestors to create trouble, Mr. Subramanian said it was absolutely baseless. It was hooligans who had created trouble.

On the controversy over the Finance Secretary’s appointment, Mr. Subramanian said the government should come out with a statement to clear people’s doubts.