The people in different parts of the district are being put to untold hardship not only in the peak hours but also throughout the day owing to traffic congestion within the town limits in Nagercoil, and in Thuckalay, Marthandam and Kaliyakkavilai.

The people in Nagercoil town particularly at Balamore Road, K.P. Road, PWD Road, Court Road, Ozuginessery junction, Vadaseery Pallivasal Road, Marthandam, Kuzhuthurai and Kaliyakkavilai were suffering owing to traffic congestion.

The presence of signals in unnecessary areas including Chettikulam, Chunkankdai, Thuckalay, Sawmiramadam, Eravithuthurkadai, Karungal, Palliyadi sponsored by various private organisations hindered the smooth flow of traffic.

The traffic congestion within the town limit was because of the ongoing maintenance work at Anna Bus Stand at Meenakshipuram.

The congestion could get eased after the completion of maintenance work at the bus stand.

Even as ‘no parking' boards were installed in different parts of the district, not a single road user bothered about traffic rules.

The enforcing authorities were also not enforcing the traffic rules. The mini bus drivers stopped the buses wherever the passengers tried to board the buses ignoring all regulations.

The district has witnessed as many as 1,067 accidents last year and it had claimed the lives of 255 persons.

In the last year, the Nagercoil town alone witnessed 123 accidents and 43 persons lost their lives.

Owing to the formation of new auto-stands and bus stands in different parts of the district, it was a Herculean task for the traffic police to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

Hence the district administration should take immediate steps to remove all the encroachments for the benefit of vehicle users and the public.