Education is a vital component in uplifting the lives of children from economically weaker sections of society. It is important for schools to understand the socio-economic background of students and treat them accordingly, according to Shantha Sinha, former Chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Inclusion in School’ during a two-day national conference on ‘Education for a caring society’ held recently at Vidya Vanam in Anaikatti near here, she said that private institutions must work towards augmenting the standards of the Government schools.

States such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala had achieved an increase in literacy rate due to the State Government’s support in the form of free lunch and stationery, she added.

Earlier, Sarvapriyanandha of Ramakrishna Math said that illiteracy was a major reason behind poverty in India. On the ‘Role of Arts and Sport in Curbing Violence in School,’ T.M. Krishna, a carnatic singer, said that schools should also concentrate in developing the local form of art.

Prema Rangachary, founder of Vidya Vanam, said that the institution worked towards providing quality education along with arts to children from all sections of society.

Workshops on topics such as non-violent classroom, connecting with the environment and developing empathy were held. Twenty one speakers and 200 delegates took part in the workshop.