Even about a month after Agriculture Minister M. Chandhrakasu’s announcement that the Puducherry government would bail out farmers of Karaikal by issuing diesel subsidy to save the standing paddy crop, the territorial administration is yet to pass an order.

Pumpset irrigation by providing diesel subsidy to tap groundwater from community and private borewells to save paddy crop was among three contingency plans mooted by the Puducherry government. As per the plan, which is called “life irrigation,” diesel subsidy will be given to those possessing diesel engine for irrigation if water is not available at the time of flowering of paddy. Identified farmers will be supplied 30 litres of diesel in two instalments to irrigate paddy fields . It will enable them to tap groundwater available along the riverside, tanks and others. Vivek Pande, Secretary, Agriculture, told The Hindu that the government had agreed to provide diesel subsidy to the farmers. A file had been moved to allocate funds for the scheme. Certain administrative procedures had to be followed. Delay was attributed to identifying the source of funds. A Government Order would be passed soon.