Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: For women looking for flexible-time job options, the economic downturn brings good tidings, according to Saundarya Rajesh, chief executive, Avtar Career Creators, a recruitment consulting firm. Even though companies would not consider recruitment as a priority in these times, they would focus on a talented and cost-effective workforce, she said.

During boom-time, employees used to quit frequently and the HR department was pressurised to scout for new talent, said Ms. Rajesh. “But today, companies do not have the budget to hire and re-train.” Hence, companies wished to retain good talent and increase productivity by adopting new measures. One such measure would be to employ interim women professionals. “Interim women managers are those professionals who have taken a break in career in response to work-life balance needs such as elder-care, childcare or itinerant husbands,” said Ms. Rajesh. Since such women had taken a break in career, they would not view money as the main motivating factor. To them, other aspects such as time for self, time for family and ability to do a creative and intellectually challenging job would be more critical decision makers. When companies hired such professionals, they would get access to a talent pool which was well-qualified, experienced, productive and economical, she said.

Does work-life balance make sense at a time when people are concerned about their jobs? “You will be surprised, the answer is a resounding yes,” said Ms. Rajesh. Ms. Rajesh was the chief guest at an event celebrating women entrepreneurs organised by FLO, FICCI’s (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Ladies Organisation here on Wednesday.