Shastry V. Mallady

The syllabus has been prepared for 35 branches of engineering

Faculty of all four universities involved in preparation

Varsities can offer their own elective papers

MADURAI: The four Anna Universities in the State have jointly prepared a common syllabus for second year BE students.

It would come in to effect for second year students from 2009-10in all engineering colleges, which are affiliated to the Anna Universities of Chennai, Tirunelveli, Tiruchi and Coimbatore. Students now in first year (2008-09) are already having a uniform syllabus. Sources told The Hindu here on Sunday that faculty members from the four universities had been involved in the preparation of common syllabus. “Anna University-Chennai has formed a Common Syllabus Committee, to which we have deputed our faculty members. The common syllabus has been accepted in toto,” said S. Kaliappan, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University (Tirunelveli).

When contacted, P. Mannar Jawahar, Vice-Chancellor of Anna University-Chennai, said the common syllabus was prepared for 35 branches of engineering.

“The Academic Council of the four universities will pass the syllabus for implementation,” he said.

The decision to have uniformity in syllabus was taken at a meeting convened last year by Higher Education Secretary K. Ganesan, which was attended by Director of Technical Education and four Vice-Chancellors/ related officials.

Though the overall syllabus is common, each Anna University was given the option to offer a few elective papers, which, they think, were locally required for its students.

Accordingly, Anna University-Tirunelveli had introduced a compulsory paper in technical English to focus on communication skills among students of first to sixth semester.

Dr. Kaliappan said that his university team had given suggestions during the preparation of the common syllabus.

The paper on English communication would increase the employability of students through training in English comprehension via audio/video CDs, he said.

According to Dr. Jawahar, universities had to go in for uniformity in syllabus because it has been implemented already for first year engineering students.

Two faculty members from each branch were invited from Chennai, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore and Tiruchi to draft the syllabus.