Collector R. Palanisamy has warned that any act which disrupts the “108” ambulance services will attract stringent penal measures.

The ambulance services have become popular because of prompt and timely response. However, certain mischief-makers, citing false reasons, were obstructing the services, he said in a statement.

A couple of days ago at Kaachakudi near Ulundurpet, some persons had requested the “108” ambulance service for picking up a patient. The ambulance reached the spot within 25 minutes, but the patient died before that.

However, certain persons, including a local resident, blamed the service for the death of the patient, damaged the vehicle and attacked the driver. Mr. Palanisamy said that such behaviour would not be taken lightly and those who indulged in violence would not be spared.

On the Collector's direction, Superintendent of Police P. Pakalavan instructed the Edaikkal police to book cases against the local resident.