Following complaints of supply of spoilt milk

: Following complaints of the spoilt milk being supplied by the Madurai Aavin Union on Monday, Collector U. Sagayam, who is also its Special Officer, will conduct a review at the Aavin plant here on Wednesday.

Complaints were said to be predominantly from areas around Villapuram Housing Board and Avaniapuram in the city where around 10 Aavin depots are located. Dozens of consumers brought the milk sachets back to the vendors to complain regarding its quality.

When contacted by The Hindu , Madurai Aavin Union General Manager V. Muthiah denied that any of the milk supplied by the Aavin could have been spoilt on supply.

“The consumers could expect our milk to be edible for up to 10 hours at room temperature. Its high quality will be retained for the five to six hours. We are maintaining high quality in all our processes. I have already discussed the issue with the Collector and it will again be discussed during the review meeting on Wednesday,” he said.

Diversion halted

While the milk procurement of Madurai Aavin had risen from 1.80 lakh litres a day this period last year to 1.93 lakh litres, sales levels had declined drastically from two lakh litres to 1.35 lakh litres a day.

When queried on this decline, he said that the sales were being restricted with a view to store milk powder and butter for the lean months of November, December and January.

Around 200 tonnes of butter and 400 tonnes of milk powder were being stored at the Madurai Aavin.

The General Manager also added that diversion of milk to Chennai had been completely halted. For several months earlier this year, around 50,000 litres of milk was sent every day to Chennai in view of the shortage there.

  • “We are maintaining high quality in all our processes”
  • Complaints are predominantly from around Villapuram and Avaniapuram