The Collector, Rajendra Ratnoo, inspected various ongoing road works to the tune of Rs. 60 lakh in different parts of the district on Thursday.

The Collector inspected 15 road works to be carried out on a total stretch of 12 km. Pallivilai-Kamaraj Salai Road had been renovated at a cost of Rs 3.65 lakh, Vattakarai Road at an expense of Rs. 3.50 lakh, Duthie Girls Higher Secondary School Road to Woman's Christian College on an outlay of Rs. 3 lakh, work on Avvai Shaumugham Salai to the tune of Rs. 10 lakh, Rs 5 lakh to AIR Camp Road, Rs. 4.60 lakh to be spent for Court Road, Rs. 3 lakh to State Bank Colony Road, Rs. 3 lakh to Nagaraja Kovil Street, Rs. 4.35 lakh to Distillery Road, Rs. 4 lakh to the road from Irulappapuram to Vattavilai, Rs. 4 lakh to carryout road maintenance to Abdul Kader Hospital to Vethanagar Road, Rs. 3 lakh for Edalakudy Road, Rs. 3.50 lakh for the renovation of Thattan Vilai Park Road, Rs1.80 lakh for the maintenance of the road from Woman's Christian College to Manimeda Junction.