Coimbatore City occupied the 42nd place while Tamil Nadu was placed sixth in terms of cognisable offences under Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Special and Local Laws (SLL) in terms of criminality.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) of the Ministry of Home Affairs recently released a report Crime in India based on the statistics relating to crimes committed in 2011 in various States and Union Territories. The percentage or share of each police unit or State is calculated on the basis of population.

According to the report, Tamil Nadu received as many as 40,867 oral complaints and 2, 89,295 written complaints in 2011 pertaining to offences punishable under IPC and SLL. Under the IPC category, there were 1.92 lakh cases while under the SLL, there were 5.26 lakh cases, registering a share of 8.3 per cent in the National Crime Records Bureau statistics.

Maharashtra received a total of 6.37 lakh complaints and Kerala 3.38 lakh complaints. The entire nation during 2011 received as many as 30.87 lakh complaints.

Under the category of action initiated suo motu by the police, Tamil Nadu had 3.87 lakh cases, while Maharashtra had 6.25 lakh cases and Uttar Pradesh 18 lakh cases.

As far crimes in Coimbatore were concerned, there were 4,030 IPC offences contributing to 0.8 per cent share of the total offences leaving the City at the 42{+n}{+d}position. Under the Special and Local Laws, 3,471 cases were registered adding 0.3 per cent share putting the City at 27{+t}{+h}among the cities across the country.

In IPC offences and SLL category, Tamil Nadu was in the sixth place.

In offences such as dacoity Tamil Nadu was in the 11{+t}{+h}place with 2,066 cases of robbery and 4,848 cases of burglary. Coimbatore had 48 cases of robbery and 105 cases of burglary.

In the dacoity category, Tamil Nadu witnessed an increase from 85 cases to 101, adding 18.8 per cent to the national statistics.

Chennai city witnessed a 50 per cent increase in the same category.

With regard to cheating cases, Tamil Nadu accounted for a 5.4 per cent increase with 3,872 cases, while Coimbatore recorded an increase of 7.9 per cent increase with 171 cases. Chennai had 8.8 per cent increase with 767 cases in 2011. In counterfeit currency, Tamil Nadu recorded 275 cases, Coimbatore had 19 and Chennai 99.

In cases of harassment of women, Tamil Nadu had 1,812 cases, contributing to 2.5 per cent to the national statistics. Coimbatore had 83 and Chennai 229 accounting for 3.9 per cent and 2.6 per cent share, respectively.

With regard to cases of abduction and kidnapping of women and girls, Tamil Nadu had a 19.1 per cent share in the total crime rate while abduction of other categories of people witnessed a 5.9 per cent decline.

With regard to cases of murder, Coimbatore recorded 26 cases in 2011 showing an 18.2 per cent increase while Chennai had 168 cases registering a 63.1 per cent increase.