The Coimbatore Corporation Zoo armed itself with an incubator, thanks to the Vaagai Foundation. The organisation presented the incubator to the Zoo at a function held here on Tuesday. Mayor S.M. Velusamy in the presence of Commissioner G. Latha placed eggs in the incubator to mark the start of the function.

M. Sanjai Gandhi of the Foundation said that after talking to the Corporation authorities, the organisation decided to donate the incubator because there were instances of rats eating away eggs. The Zoo had a few rare birds, which usually laid 60 – 70 eggs every alternate day. But the birds incubated the eggs only after the last egg was laid but by then the rats would have eaten away the eggs that were laid early.

If this was allowed to continue, the Zoo would loose some of the finest birds it had and that would also result in the birds not leaving behind young ones.

The incubator would put an end to that, Mr. Gandhi said.