Stating that establishment of IT Park will spur growth, Rangasamy promises alternative land for trucks

Chief Minister N. Rangasamy on Thursday justified the decision of reallocating the land earmarked for a truck terminal to establish an IT park.

Replying to a call motion attention by the AIADMK floor leader A. Anbazhagan about the indefinite strike launched by the lorry owners protesting the government’s decision, Mr. Rangasamy said it was with the motive of providing parking and other facilities for the lorries, drivers and agents, the truck terminal was established on 37 acres at Mettupalayam. Necessary facilities were established about six years ago. However, the terminal was not properly used by the lorry drivers. He himself had held several rounds of discussion with them to ensure they made use of the terminal. Since it remained unused for many months, the government had decided to establish an IT park there. The rapid growth of Puducherry had also influenced the decision to establish an IT park at Mettupalayam.

Mr. Anbazhagan said it was strange that the government had changed its own decision. Besides retaining the truck terminal, the government should meet the demands of lorry drivers, he insisted. Another AIADMK member Purushothaman said that the prices of vegetables had gone up due to the strike. Lorries from Tamil Nadu had also stopped bringing essentials.

Mr. Rangasamy replied that they would be provided an alternative land and all needed facilities would be created. The government was aware of their demands. They should give up the strike, he sought.

Congress member Lakshminarayanan demanded the government to clear the doubts over the payment of CENTAC fees to the students.