City turns dump yard

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Dumping of garbage is not just seen near the Palanganatham traffic roundabout but also in all Masi Streets, Veli Streets and Marret Streets. Removal of garbage should be given top priority by public health departments of the Madurai corporation.

S.N.M.T. Nagarajan,


Link road needed

The long pending demand of the people of Krishna Nagar to connect the Allimalar Street with New Natham Road has not been fulfilled. Hence, the present government should take up the scheme early so that people can avoid the circuitous route.

A. Vivekanantham,

Krishna Nagar.

Pricey treat

In major cities like Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore and Salem, during screening of Tamil pictures starring top heroes , all theatres invariably sell tickets at exorbitant rate.

Suppose a family of four go for a movie, they have to shell out at least Rs. 1000, that includes not just for the tickets but also for snacks that are sold at the counter at an exorbitant rate. After two or three weeks , the theatre owners drastically reduce the price of the ticket . I request Collectors of each district to intervene in this matter and instruct the owners to maintain a nominal rate at all times . Cinema is for entertainment and should not become a form of punishment.

R.G. Rethinam,


Costly meals

In the late 70's, during the Janata rule , it was mandatory for hotels to sell noon meals called Janata meal at a subsidized rate of Rs. 1. Today, prices of food items in hotels are unaffordable even for people with a decent income. People of low income group who go shopping to towns have to return home with suppressed appetite. Though Bangalore is known for heavy money circulation, there are low cost food options available in restaurants but this is not the case in Madurai. The irony is this situation prevails at a time when rice is being sold for Re. 1 kg at ration shops.

BBC. Chandrasekar,

Anna Nagar.

Cracker menace

During this Deepavali, Madurai people felt the impact of crackers more than previous years . Cracker lovers must realize that they have a right to rejoice but should not cause noise and atmospheric pollution. Cracker menace, nowadays, are not only felt during Deepavali but also during marriage ceremonies, temple festivals and at the time of declaration of election results. Police must at least enforce a regulation to prohibit crackers being fired on main roads thus avoiding accidents and traffic jam and also in the vicinity of hospitals and schools .

M. Selvaraj,

Kuruvikaran Salai.

Poor infrastructure

The poor infrastructure in Madurai district has been brought to the notice of the new Madurai Mayor by MADISSIA.

Traditional handloom units, power looms and knitting companies have abandoned the district long back and even IT industries are not interested in setting up shop here. Other two tier cities are facing similar situation. Power is very much needed for the growth of the city and Samayanallur terminal power station can be reviewed and the infrastructure updated. It is hoped that the officialdom will implement the schemes in an acceptable manner.

B.M. Hussain,

Munichalai Road.


The previous government had failed to take any permanent measures to prevent stagnation of rainwater near Periyar bus stand and Goripalayam. Flyovers have not been constructed in many areas, which could ease the prevalent traffic jam . Even though it is a temple city, cleaning activities have not been done properly thus proving to be an eyesore. Further, the financial position of the corporation is in a pitiable state due to poor collection of various taxes. Hence, the new Mayor should take immediate steps to correct all these lapses .

Vaigai Valavan,

Kumaran Nagar.

Hike surprising

On November first, many Aavin milk card holders in Madurai were in for a shock. When they went to the booth to collect the sachets, the salesman demanded Rs 15.50 for every card. He informed that the prices of Aavin milk have been increased and demanded the amount, for the cards that had already been purchased in the first week of October. The customers were confused and failed to understand, whether the sales man was demanding the amount or the Aavin management had increased the rates. It is not correct on the part of a quasi Govt. organisation, to increase the rates without any prior announcement . It is surprising that no consumer organisation has objected to this unfair trade practice followed by the Aavin management, Madurai.

Will the Aavin authorities respect the sentiments of the customers and discontinue this unfair trade practice?


Surveyor Colony.

BSNL increases tariff

I am having BSNL 3G data post paid connection and the bill amount normally does not exceed Rs 1000 per month. To my surprise I received an interim bill dt 25.10.11 demanding a payment of Rs 6433. The BSNL customer centre simply informed me that the tariff has been increased to Rs 4 per M.B from RS 1 per M.B from 01.10.11 and this was communicated along with the last month bill. But I did not receive any such intimation. Surprisingly, BSNL authorities did not announce the revision in the media. While they are fond of sending SMS regarding festival bonanza offer, they failed to send an SMS regarding increase in tariff.

P. Subramanian,


Pedestrian overbridge

Some years back a rare picture was taken of cattle using the pedestrian over bridge near Periyar bus stand. It is sad to see that it is not used for the purpose it was built. Periyar –Ellis Nagar junction is a busy one in the city but the bridge seems to have become a dumping place for goods and cost free scaffolding for huge cut-outs. The width of the road has shrunk due to the bridge and this is used by many as an urinal. During rainy season, the woes are unimaginable due to the unsanitary conditions, water stagnation and sewage problem . This small bridge can be demolished so that it will at least decongest the traffic in the vicinity .

P. Vijayakumar


Poor drainage exposed

The inefficacy of storm water drainage in Madurai has been exposed during this rainy season. Before the storm water drainage project was introduced , rain water somehow managed to flow down to the canals. But after the completion of this project, water can be seen stagnating every where . The faulty construction of channels and non-linking of the minor culverts with the main channels are the major reasons for stagnation of water. In spite of this problem being brought out by the media, no effort has been made to sort out this issue.

It seems heavy financial irregularities have taken place during the commencement of this project in the previous regime . It is a pity that no opposition party has taken up this issue and the Govt should initiate a probe into this project. It is time that the faulty designs are set right .

K. Chandran,

Nataraj Nagar.

Blaring music

There is a mini bus service which connects Madura College with Pykara and it passes through Jaihindpuram, Sathya Sai Nagar, TVS Nagar and Muthupatti. There are 2 buses one on each direction and both the buses are fitted with an audio system. The drivers have the music [noise] in full volume forgetting that they are not only putting their lives at risk but also those of the commuters. I request the owner's of this bus to take corrective action before any untoward incident takes place.

S. Bala,

TVS Nagar.

Toll gate fares

When one enters Madurai from NH49 Rameswaram-Madurai road via Ring Road, Rs. 5 per car is collected at plaza no. 1, with a note stating ‘From Madurai to Madurai'. But on the other hand, while driving back from Madurai on the same road to reach NH49, the same toll plaza collects toll fare at the rate of Rs. 10 per car noting down as ‘From Madurai to Ramnad Road'. This is nothing but cheating the public. I appeal to the Government to set right this excess collection which is unjustified.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,





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