Drop in wind energy generation, says Tangedco

Though the daily power cuts came down in the city to four to six hours for the last few days, it was back to eight hours on Tuesday.

The State has nearly 7,100 MW installed wind energy capacity. With wind energy generation picking up since mid-April, electricity consumers expected relief from the long hours of power cut. However, wind energy generation dropped to 327 MW on Tuesday evening (April 30). It was 613 MW on last Tuesday (April 23).

The city saw extended hours of load shedding during the day on Tuesday and power cuts at night too.

According to data available on the website of the Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation, 2,188 MW was the load shedding on Wednesday morning (May 1) as against 2,121 MW on April 24. Load shedding in the State on Tuesday evening (April 30) was 1,693 MW as against 1,264 MW on April 23 evening. Apart from a drop in wind energy generation, there is a decline in energy available from the captive power plants too.

An official of the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) here told The Hindu that while power cut in the city was eight hours, it went up to 10 hours a day in the rural areas. Industrial activity was picking up in night hours leading to additional load at night. There was a drop in wind energy generation and there were problems in a couple of thermal plants too for the last two days.

  • The load shedding on May 1 was

    2,188 MW

  • Rural areas witnessed 10 hours of power cut