Special Correspondent

“I am glad to give the liberal view

on Islam and the Quran”

CHENNAI: “Talk” about being really secular. In a broad minded gesture, a church in Chennai invited a Muslim to deliver a talk on Islam on Friday.

A. Faizur Rahman, who is a student of comparative literature and an executive member of Harmony India, was invited by St. Louis Church, Adyar, to talk on “Islam in the modern age.”

Mr. Rahman, who says he has written a number of articles on Islam and Muslims, was particularly proud of his latest assignment. “It is quite broad-minded of a church to invite a Muslim for a lecture on Islam. I am glad to give the liberal view on Islam and the Quran,” he gushed. The lecture, which went on for an hour and a half was followed by an intense question-answer session, according to Edward Aloysius, one of the parishioners of St. Louis Church.

He adds that a group of senior citizens who are parishioners of the church banded together as the Wise Folks Forum struck upon the idea of inviting people from other religions to speak about their own faiths. The first topic was Islam and other religions will soon follow, he added.