To protest against shortage of boats and poor pay

The workers at the Chunnambar boathouse have planned a strike on April 20 and 21 to protest the shortage of boats and poor wages for the workers. On the two days, the boats at in Chunnambar Boathouse and Ousteri will not run.

“There is a shortage of boats at Chunnambar boathouse; the same boats that were damaged in the Cyclone Thane are still in use after some minor local repairs. Since there are few boats, on days when there are heavy crowds, at least 1,000 people return disappointed,” one of the boat drivers said.

There is also no place to sit down and wait for the boats. Since the number of boats is small, there is always a long queue and there are no seats for these people. Even on Paradise Beach, where the wait times for the return journey are very long, passengers are often forced to wait in the hot sun.

“It is very difficult for us to respond to the visitors when they ask why we are using old boats and why we are not improving the infrastructure, which is the main reason for this protest,” the protester said.