Rs. 2.22-crore facility will be inaugurated tomorrow

Norman Institute of Pathology, Christian Medical College, Vellore, has acquired pathology equipment with a grant of Rs. 2.22 crore from the United States Agency for International Development-American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (USAID ASHA).

According to a CMC release, the Norman Institute of Pathology, CMC, is one of the leading departments of pathology in the country, providing crucial diagnostic services to the CMC Hospital in addition to its role in education and research.

A considerable number of speciality biopsies are received each day and current sub-specialities include haematopathology, gastrointestinal, liver pathology, neuropathology, and dermatopathology.

The arrival of digital pathology was heralded by the introduction of an in-house anatomic pathology laboratory information system called the Path workstation that was developed by CMC’s own IT division, CHIPS (Computerised Hospital Information Services) in 2006.

Since then, there has been significant growth, and the capability to manage large workload had to be enhanced by introducing recently available technology that puts this laboratory on par with the best in the world.

Much of this automation of workflow has been made possible by the ASHA grant from USAID.

The USAID ASHA funding programme has enabled CMC to reach out to the poor and needy in this region. It has also enabled the CMC to maintain its premier position in technology in delivering high quality subsidised patient care.

The USAID ASHA grant awarded for the pathology equipment project is Rs. 1.59 crore, while the matching support from CMC Vellore is Rs. 63.60 lakh.

The facility will be inaugurated by David Gainer, Public Affairs Officer, Consulate of the U.S. in Chennai at a function to be held at C.K. Job Hall, Paul Brand Building at the CMC Hospital campus here at 10 a.m. on April 15.