Sruthi Krishnan

CHENNAI: Ali Baba’s cave has a new address now – Halls 1, 2 and 3 in the Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, where the sixth edition of The Hindu MetroPlus Lifestyle Show 2009, presented by Samsung, is being held.

Around 280 stalls will vie for your attention in south India’s largest consumer fair, showcasing brands in various categories, including consumer electronics, home appliances, furniture and furnishings, bathroom fittings, kitchen and kitchen accessories, arts and handicrafts, automobiles and accessories, beauty and health, luxurious home needs and interiors, fashion textiles and jewellery, computer and IT products, insurance and banking, resorts and hotels and allied products.


Each category stands for a dazzling array of choices.

Take furniture and furnishings for instance: there are welcoming leather couches inviting you to sink in, stately chairs carved with traditional motifs, or fixtures in wrought iron if you prefer a trendy look.

If comfort is your mantra, there are chairs that double up as masseurs or cushy bean bags.

“We come here every year and there is a lot of interest,” said Giaranai Jodmarai from Thailand. Her stall has gold and silver jewellery, ceramic artefacts and artificial flowers made of natural materials, as well as mango wood and bamboo vases. These vases were on the must-have list of music director Harris Jayaraj, who inaugurated the exhibition here on Thursday. He was also interested in the high-end LED televisions of Samsung.

During his visits abroad, he often wondered why India did not have exhibitions where one could check out the finest of wares in a cool and comfortable environment, he said. “I am delighted to see the same experience in our part of the country,” he added.

“The way you live has an impact on your career,” said Mr. Jayaraj. His studio was designed in rosewood to resemble a Viennese auditorium, he said, adding that the ambience it provided had an impact on his creativity.

To add zing to your home, check out hand-crafted marble statuettes polished to a translucent lightness, Tanjore paintings and mirrors with ethnic frames.

Handbags from Africa made of fibres, nylon, cotton and leather, jute and khadi products – your shopping list could stretch as long as you have the stamina to browse.

If you get tired, you can unwind at the Food Court organised by Planet Yumm, serving a wide range of cuisines to pep you for the next round of shopping.

To rev up your spirits, you could ride an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) on a specially prepared track, organised by Off Road Sports, Neelangarai. Fondly called “the beast,” these quad-bikes can battle sandy and uneven terrains. There are bikes for children too.