Staff Reporter

THENI: The Regional Director for Municipal Administration, Madurai (in-charge), Anvar Basha, took charge as Special Officer for Chinnamanur Municipality on Monday following dissolution of the municipal council. (The government had notified on Friday the dissolution of the council and appointment of Mr. Basha. Failing to perform duties and abuse of power were given as the reasons for dissolving the council)

The government had written to the municipality on September 24, asking why it should not be dissolved since its activities did not conform to the law and the council was not acting in public interest.

The council had not met in the past three months owing to lack of cooperation from councillors.

A group of councillors, who did not allow the chairperson K. Tamilselvi to convene the last meeting, had tried to move a no-confidence motion against her.

Ms. Tamilselvi had moved the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court in July seeking a stay on the proposed no-confidence motion. On October 1, the Bench directed the government to take a decision one way or the other on dissolving the Chinnamanur municipal council within three weeks.

In her affidavit, Ms. Tamilselvi had stated that 22 councillors decided to bring a no-confidence motion against her because she did not relent to their demands of apportioning a share in various contracts given by the municipality.