P. Sudhakar

In Tirunelveli and Palayamkottai areas

Hospitals overflow with hundreds of patients

Anti-mosquito drive should be started immediately

TIRUNELVELI: Tirunelveli and Palayamkottai are witnessing many chikungunya and viral fever cases. Every house at Melapalayam has a patient suffering from any one of these fever.

As the overflowing drainage channels, roadside sewage ponds, garbage dunes, uncovered overhead water tanks etc. are providing highly potential breeding ground for the mosquito, the spread of vector-borne diseases in this most backward region of Tirunelveli Corporation has assumed serious proportion after the northeast monsoon started. The spread of jaundice, a water-borne disease, has made the situation still worse.

All hospitals – both private and government hospitals – in and around Melapalayam are overflowing with hundreds of patients suffering from the chikungunya and viral fever for the past one month.

Though it is very much obvious that these types of fever is spreading fast at Melapalayam due to the seriously increased density of mosquito, no concrete measure has been taken so far to destroy the breeding grounds.

“Though we are repeatedly appealing to the corporation officials to start the anti-mosquito and larvicidal activities immediately, the official machinery is yet to act. A health camp was organised recently even as the entire Melapalayam, housing mostly below poverty line families, is badly craving for a comprehensive strategy to completely eradicate mosquito,” said ‘National’ S.M. Shahul, district treasurer of Tamil Nadu Thouheedh Jamaath.

The party recently organised a rally and a demonstration at Melapalayam to highlight the pathetic living conditions of the residents there and demand the civic body to take immediate steps to ensure better living conditions for them.

“Though the conservancy workforce now we have is not enough to deal with the situation prevailing at Melapalayam, we’re doing our level best to improve the sanitary conditions there,” said a top corporation official said.