More than a month after 2 kg of gold and Rs. 24.05 lakh was stolen from the home of a wholesale grains and groundnuts merchant in Tondiarpet, the police remain clueless in the case.

Police said none of the eight special teams have been able to get any leads, including identities of the culprits. The police are hoping one or more members of the gang that is suspected to be behind the burglary might eventually try to attempt another theft. “If the gang had stolen only gold, it would have been easy to track them down because they would have tried to cash it. But as they also stole a huge amount of cash, they might sell the gold only after they run out of cash,” said an investigating officer. 

On May 19, 65-year-old Chairman Sami returned home from a holiday and found cupboards broken and the valuables stolen. The police initially believed Sami’s son, Jayachandran was involved. However, as Jayachandran was with his father in Ooty, suspicion shifted to Jayachandran’s wife. But there has been no evidence.

However, the police still believe family members could have been involved.