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Training programme for Coast Guard personnel from ASEAN countries begins

“Ninety per cent of the world’s trade is being carried out through sea”

CHENNAI: The maritime economic scenario throughout the world is in the midst of revolutionary changes, Inspector-General SPS Basra, Commander, Coast Guard Region (East), said on Monday.

Inaugurating a five-day training programme for Coast Guard personnel from ASEAN nations here, he said the changes, and the emerging sea-dependent trade pattern of the world, would have a significant impact on Asia’s maritime and economic growth during the next decade. The region was heading for a phase of intensive development leading to greater economic and industrial growth.

Incidental to this growth were some complex issues concerning maritime security, safety at sea and environmental protection. Ninety per cent of the world’s trade was being carried out through sea, he said, and any disruption in free and safe passage would have an adverse impact on regional growth.

Lately, thanks to the modern technology, the region was emerging as the most imperilled zone.

Greater cooperation

It called for greater cooperation and coordination among the states in the region, as the maritime threats extended beyond political boundaries. These threats could not be fought alone by a State, and regional cooperation was an effective way to achieve peace, security and development of maritime interest, Mr. Basra said.

The training programme was aimed at generating awareness of the threat perception in the sea lanes of the maritime nations and identifying counter measures for maritime security.

Among other things, the programme would cover piracy, search and rescue, Global Maritime Distress Safety System, offshore and port security, poaching and other threats. Representatives from 29 counties were participating in the event, which is being organised by the Coast Guard and the Narcotics Control Bureau, Chennai.