Special Correspondent

Theory, practical pass marks ratio reversed

  • Chief Superintendents will be posted from other schools
  • 44,682 candidates from Villupuram and Cuddalore districts will appear for the exams

    VILLUPURAM: Two changes have been made for the Plus-Two examinations scheduled from March 1 to 21.

    One is the ratio of minimum marks to be scored in the theory and practical examinations for a pass. The other is the invigilation set-up, particularly for core subjects whose aggregate is important for admission to professional courses.

    Chief Educational Officer (Villupuram) P.A. Naresh told The Hindu that earlier the candidate had to obtain 40 marks in the theory examination and 30 marks in the practical examination (out of 200) to get through. Now, the ratio had been reversed to 30 marks in theory and 40 marks in the practicals. This pattern, he said, was expected to improve the performance of the candidate.

    As for invigilation, Chief Educational Officer (Cuddalore) C. Usha Rani said that earlier Chief Superintendents, who happened to be heads of the same schools, supervised the examinations. But now, the Chief Superintendents would be posted from other schools, especially for the core subject examinations.

    Ms. Usha Rani said this would help to check malpractices. Centres where irregularities were likely to occur would be under special vigilance. Since the entrance examinations for admission to professional courses may be done away with, the schools had to make sure their students were well prepared for the school examinations.

    Mr. Naresh said his department had identified 60 schools in Villupuram district whose pass percentage was below the State average. Concise study materials had been especially prepared by a core team of teachers with experience in paper setting and evaluation for these schools.

    As for the deleted portions, teachers, students and parents knew what they were. Last year, there was some confusion; this time round, it was rectified at the beginning of the academic year itself.

    Flying squads would make surprise checks at the centres. A total of 44,682 candidates from Villupuram and Cuddalore districts would appear for the examinations. The break-up is as follows: Villupuram - 24,003 (boys - 13,097 and girls - 10,906) and Cuddalore - 20,679 (boys - 10,551 and girls - 10,128).

    While the candidates in Villupuram district will take the examinations at 71 centres, those in Cuddalore would write the examinations at 67 centres.