: The Kanyakumari District Railway Users’ Association has urged the Union Railway Minister to change the departure time of Mumbai CST-Nagercoil Express for the benefit of passengers.

In a memorandum to Railway Minister Paswan Kumar Bansal, secretary of the association P. Edward Jeni said the late arrival of the Mumbai CST-Nagercoil Express (16339 and 16351) causes inconvenience to passengers at their respective destinations.

Passengers have to wait till early morning for other mode of transport to reach to their hometowns.

The Mumbai C.S.T – Nagercoil Express (16339) is supposed to reach Karur at 18.20 hours, Dindugal at 20.00 Kodaikanal Road at 20.23, Madurai at 21.15, Virudunagar at 22.23, Sattur at 22.43, Kovilpatti at 22.43, Vanchimaniyachi at 23.03, Tirunelveli at 23.40, Nanguneri at 1.48, Valliyur at 2.03 and Nagercoil at 3.15 hours.

Similarly, Mumbai CST Nagercoil express (16351) is supposed to reach Srirangam at 19.58 hours, Tiruchi at 20.40, Dindugal at 23.20, Madurai at 00.35, Virudhunagar at 1.20, Sattur at 1.48, Kovilpatti at 2.18, Kadampur at 2.38, Vanchimaniyachi at 2.54, Tirunelveli at 3.40, Valliyur at 4.28 and Nagercoil at 5.35 hours. Hence, the association secretary demanded the Railway Minister to change the timing (i.e.) to start it from Mumabi in the morning and to reach the last destination around 22.00 hours.