S.S. Kavitha

MADURAI: The best and beautiful moments in life should be felt at heart. `Pond's Sapno ki Rajkumari contest' promises to provide one such moment by giving a chance to "revel in regal splendour."

To live your Cinderella moment, participate in the `Pond's Sapno ki Rajkumari contest,' which is on till August 15.

The two-day competitions are being held at Lehro Arcade Complex, Tallakulam, on Saturday and Sunday. Any woman, above 18 years of age, can participate in the competitions.

If you can place a crown on the head of a cut-out model with your eyes tied, you can win a silver pendant.

If you have strong olfactory nerves, you can identify the aroma of the talc and walk away with a 100 gm Pond's talc. Similarly, if you can identify the nation of beauty queens in photographs by their costume, you can again win a pack of talcum powder.

There are also other exquisite prizes, which include jewellery sets, royal diamond earrings and gold pendants.