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On agricultural produce like vegetables and fruits

RAJAPALAYAM: The Rajapalayam Chamber of Commerce and Industry has opposed the State Government’s decision to impose market cess on agricultural produce like vegetables and fruits.

In a memorandum sent to the Secretary, Department of Agriculture, the chamber secretary, S.N. Rama Raju, said that it was not acceptable to impose market cess on perishable goods like vegetables, greens and fruits. So was the move to impose cess on “all forms” of grains, pulses and oil seeds.

The memorandum said that once grains or oil seeds were processed they could not be treated as agricultural goods.

Stating that levying of market cess was a justifiable only in the case where the goods were stocked, either processed or unprocessed, at the regulated markets to help the farmers sell the produce.

But, introducing it in the open market, where the services of the regulated market was not utilised, directly or indirectly, was not justified, the memorandum said.

The chamber pointed out that the Government had provided facilities in the form of farmers market to help the ryots to fix their own price of their produce without the help of any middlemen.

However, even for the services provided by the Government no market cess was levied on the produce sold at the uzhavar sandhais, Mr. Raju said.

Hence, farmers should be allowed to sell their produce even in the open market without any cess and they should not be forced to get license from the market committee, the chamber said. It has asked the Government to reconsider its decision.