As the prices of yellow metal skyrocket, the chain-snatchers and burglars in the district have also become more active once again.

The district had been witnessing a spurt in incidents of chain-snatching and burglary this month.

Three chain-snatching incidents and four burglaries had been reported in the last three weeks alone.

On Saturday, burglars gained entry into a house belonging to Rajendran of Punjai Puliyampatti and decamped with seven sovereigns of gold jewellery.

A few days ago, Saravanan, a police constable attached to the Economic Offences Wing, was sleeping in his home, when a burglar decamped with his two-and-half sovereign gold chain that was kept near the window.

The spate of chain snatching incidents and burglaries has left the police worried a lot. The rise in the incidents was reported after a long time as the police had put repeat offenders behind bars a few months ago.

“Most of the recent chain-snatching cases are committed by young persons, who are new to these type of acts. A majority of them commit the crime because gold prices have registered a sharp increase and they can make a quick buck,” a senior police official said.

Police suspected that a few repeat offenders might be involved in the recent burglaries. “We have identified more than 850 ex-convicts and deployed personnel to monitor their activities. We are also inquiring a number of them. We will soon nab the offenders,” another senior official said. Police had already arrested two persons who had stolen the gold chain of Mr. Saravanan.