Staff Reporter

KARAIKAL: The Central Information Commission has granted a relief of Rs.3,000 to a petitioner here on grounds that the concerned Public Authority had not furnished details within the stipulated statutory period of 30 days.

The appellant V.R.Dhanaseelane had filed a petition to the Deputy Collector (Revenue) on 31st July 2008 seeking information on a piece of land under acquisition.

The information was provided by the Public Authority on 27th August 2008. But the appellant filed a petition to the First Appellate Authority, the Karaikal Collector against the Public Authority alleging that the information provided was slipshod. The Public Authority was directed by the Collector (Appellate Authority) to file the information sought by October 15,2008, but the Authority had filed the information on October 17, 2008.

On an appeal to the Second Appellate Authority, Central Information Commissioner, the petitioner sought penal action against the Public Authority.

According to the Central Information Commissioner, since the information was furnished only on the directions of the First Appellate Authority, penal action is valid.

Delayed information

The Central Information Commissioner deciding the appeal, ordered a relief of Rs.3,000 as the delayed information is said to have “caused detriment to the appellant” under section 19(8) (b) of the Right to Information Act.