Staff Reporter

Nagercoil: The Government’s decision to celebrate 100 years of Pechipparai dam in the district on Friday evoked a good response.

The dam was built across the river Kodayar during 1895-1906 by the then King of Travancore state, Sri Moolam Thirunal under the supervision of the British Engineer, Munchin.

The length of the dam is 425.51 mtere. It is a masonry dam with a height of 94.5 m from the mean sea level.

Maximum water level is 92.0 m with a sluice level of 77.4 m.

It is one of the important tourist spots, which attracts both foreign and domestic tourists.

There is a beautiful park near the dam and a memorial for Munchin, the engineer of the dam.

The dam has many islands and a small population of crocodiles. The Forest department also operates boating service for the benefit of tourists.

A small deer park is also maintained by the department.