Staff who siphoned money suspended

The case of the misappropriation of funds in the Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Financial Assistance Scheme has been assigned to CID.

The staff who had allegedly made these illegal transfers has been suspended.

Speaking to The Hindu on the issue, Secretary of Education G. Ragesh Chandra said according to investigations conducted by the Education Department, they have found 29 cases of discrepancy that works out to an amount of Rs. 19.7 lakh.

However, the police investigation may reveal further cases, he said.

All these cases were only from the time that the bank transfer of the CENTAC funds were started in 2010.

Till then the cheques were given directly to the college so there was no such problem, he said.

Earlier the government sources said that fees meant for students studying in the Medical and Engineering colleges has been misappropriated and transferred to someone else’s account by one of the staff of the department.

Many of the persons who had received the money were not even students and some of them were found to be relatives of the staff member.

In this connection, the Pondicherry Students and Parents Welfare Association has filed a complaint and the opposition parties have demanded CBI enquiry.

Staff suspended for siphoning off money